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Divorce can either be a very straightforward process that can be settled in a matter of weeks or, when assets are complex or children are involve, can be a lengthy process that lasts several months to a year. Regardless, we know that divorce is a difficult decision for everyone and clients are looking for guidance and support.


Child support is calculated in Minnesota based on the Guidelines set forth in Minn. Stat. 518A. Although the calculation is straightforward, often the information used in the calculation changes the resulting child support order significantly.

child custody/paternity

When parents were never married but had a child together, and subsequently split up, often a court order is needed to establish a parent’s custody and parenting time rights. If paternity is in question, a custody matter is preceded by a paternity petition to establish parental rights.


Stepparent adoptions are used to unite new families together. The relationship with a birth parent is terminated, and the stepparent (husband or wife) becomes the new legal parent of the child.

spousal maintenance

Minnesota law does not provide for a certain length of marriage in order to request spousal maintenance. Many couples have to address the issue of spousal maintenance on a temporary or permanent basis in their divorce matter.

orders for protection

Minnesota law provides for a method under civil laws to keep someone safe from threatening or harassing behavior. A violation of an OFP can lead to criminal charges.